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This is the first post on the website since the re-launch and we’d like to cover a few basics about who the site is for, and what we want to achieve here.

We all have problems, and thankfully most of them are small ones. There are a few big problems that if left unresolved, could affect all life on this planet!

Here are a few examples:

  • Nuclear armed countries own enough warheads to wipe out humanity many times over. The USA and Russia have more than 4000 nuclear warhead each!
  • With increasing desertification and the loss of fertile farmlands, a lack of food could cause serious problems in the next 50 years. Like war and natural disasters, a lack of food causes mass migration and physical conflict.
  • There’s a lack of potable water available in the world. A combination of water pollution, underground reservoirs and aquifers shrinking, and population increasing means that this is likely to be a future crisis.

We could go on, but you get the idea. No-one can solve these problems alone, and we couldn’t tackle all of them at once. what we can do, is something…

At Sciencede, we believe that the start of any problem resolution involves education. Education is the single most important action step for the future. Education creates the next generation or problem solvers, inventors and change agents.

An educated population has lower birth rates and can vote for environmental reform, in the ballot boxes and in the supermarkets.

We can’t tackle all the problems, but here, we plan to help educate people about the energy mix currently available. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each option, and how realistic short term change is likely to be.

We don’t believe in the extremes for violent activism, or climate change denial. We believe in the raising of human consciousness, and awareness of the issues and options.


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