olive bone biomass energy

Biomass energy is the oldest type of energy source that was deliberately harnessed by humans. From the first time that fire was invented, and wood was burnt for warmth or cooking, biomass was been used!

Nowadays we have modern options to use that might be smoke free, or more energy dense. One example would be briquets that are marketed as clean energy sources.

Biomass energy refers to any plant based forms of potential fuel use. Biomass isn’t necessarily a green option, although it might seem completely natural at first glance. If we’re concerned about global warming, any burning of carbon based material will release carbon, and heat into the Earths atmosphere.

Biomass is very helpful for those living in rural areas away from the grid. It is also extensively used by those who can’t afford alternatives.

A log cabin in the woods, and a simple barbecue are examples of biomass energy!

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