Nuclear Power Plant with yellow rapeseed fields surrounding

Nuclear power has some major advantages, but some bigger disadvantages too.

Advantages include the fact that a lot of power can be produced with minimal mining for raw materials, and no smoke or airborne particles. As long as the plant is functioning properly, some would categorise this as clean energy.

Chernobyl, Fukushima and the fact that most countries develop nuclear weapons alongside their energy program are huge negatives. The experts tell us that modern nuclear technology is cleaner and safer than ever before, but we’ve always been advised in this manner.

Some might question whether we would have even developed nuclear power in the first place if we knew how dangerous it would be. Added to this is the fact that decommissioning costs, and nuclear wastes make this type of energy source very expensive.

That said, nuclear power remains a large part of the global energy mix, and technology really is improving in this area.

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